We design our speakers to push the boundaries of premium home audio. But in the end we build it for a love of sound. We aim to excite. Over half the commercial cinemas in Australia chose Krix for their audio solution.

The Acoustix loudspeaker brings a level of room placement flexibility not before seen in this type of Krix design. The dual

Tonal depth, imaging and balanced musicality are highlights in this slim floorstanding design. Involve yourself in

A Centre Channel speaker should be the centrepiece of any serious home cinema system as it typically delivers over 50%

The perfect subwoofer choice for those with space restrictions. The Seismix 1 will enrich you home theatre experience

The Dynamix loudspeaker is a wedge shaped design based around the more conventional Equinox bookshelf speaker.

The ideal choice for background music applications, the Holographix achieve performance usually not expected from

The Aquatix are designed to provide the highest sound quality for outdoor environments while outlasting the

The leader in cinema surround sound. Datasat Digital Entertainment is at the forefront of digital audio processing solutions for home and cinema.Datasat Digital Entertainment serves the professional and home cinema industries delivering high quality and innovative digital surround sound.

Developed on the same Datasat platform as our audio processor systems for professional cinema, the RS20i delivers a new dimension in surround sound excellence. Audio is transparent and true-to-source to ensure that the listening experience is every bit as stunning as the visuals.

The Datasat LS10 represents a breakthrough in audio processor technology. It is the first home cinema processor to deliver high end audio features at a price point for a wide range of home cinemas and media rooms.